Meet Mariana Larissa Roa Vargas, #Leader4Tomorrow

Mariana Laris Roa Vargas's ProfileMariana Larissa Roa Vargas

Mariana is a young professional born and raised in Mexico City. She decided to move to Germany to pursue a bachelor’s degree and has since also been able to gather education and experiences across several countries including Germany, Ireland and Belgium.

Currently, she is working at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations in Geneva, where she covers disarmament issues; a great achievement after being an enthusiastic MUNer for years. Currently, she is involved in topics relating to biological, nuclear and conventional weapons. As well as emerging technologies in the area of disarmament.

She is passionate about international security topics and its impacts on our daily lives. Mariana is always looking for the bigger picture and aims to better understand the links of disarmament with cross-cutting topics like gender, the environment and inequality. Her interest in this was first sparked upon realising the salience of the issue of violence in her home country.

During university she led several student organizations throughout the years. She enjoyed working with other young people and empowering each other. Mariana enjoys dancing and swimming in the ocean or at the lake in Geneva 🌊


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