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Chaerin Kim participating in the 2020 Youth Special Session
Chaerin Kim#Youth4Disarmament Member
The existential threat of nuclear conflict can sometimes overshadow subtler risks. For young people, especially, a lack of clear and accurate information can obscure the potentially serious implications of nuclear and other arms-related challenges for our day-to-day lives. Yet, for me, the potential consequences are too grave not to act.
Participants of the Youth Special Session
Su-Yin Lew#Youth4Disarmament Member

A flurry of greetings – “Good morning, good afternoon, good evening” –seems to be a new mainstay of the COVID-19 era, as participants in international conferences log on from time zones around the world.

Youth Champions last official training session
Christelle Barakat and Waleed HelmyYouth Champions for Disarmament

On 27 October, the 10 UN Youth Champions for Disarmament gathered online for our last official training session.

Proudly presenting the finished video to help guide high school students on key topics at the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Academic Lecture 2020: Disarmament and Peace”, held on 7 November 2020 in Seoul.
Mark Min Seong Kim UNODA/UNDPPA Northeast Asia Youth Steering Committee Member

How can we make more young people aware of the importance of disarmament?

The winners of the UN #75Words4Disarmament Youth Contest share comments with the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs after the event.
Marykate Monaghan#Youth4Disarmament Member
This year has shifted many of our lives into virtual reality. Handshakes have been replaced with emails, friendly catch-ups with cyber get-togethers, and traditional in-person exchanges with a procession of online activities. This new virtual world can feel overwhelmingly isolating at times, but another side of it emerged when the #Youth4Disarmament initiative recently celebrated the winners of its #75Words4Disarmament Youth Challenge. On 26 October, young people from around the world came together to share their thoughts and feelings about a common goal—disarmament.
Attending UNITAR in-person workshops. The topics included negotiation skills and techniques; conference diplomacy and multilateral negotiations; diplomatic protocol and etiquette; negotiating, drafting and adopting UN resolutions; and public speaking.
Veronika Leitmanova#Youth4Disarmament Member
If you’re young like me and eager to help save our planet, starting out can feel a little daunting. That is why I would like to explain how I found a job working each day for a safer and more secure world. A lot of young people want to contribute towards peace, and that passion leads us all in different directions. In my case, it led to earning a master’s degree in Strategic Studies and Energy Security—a path of study where I could explore nuclear issues, the peaceful benefits of atomic energy, and the risks of related technology being misused.
Gender and Disarmament vitual meeting photo
Palesa Mogorosi and Kirsten MoseyYouth Champions for Disarmament
They stood for thirty minutes in silence before singing "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika", followed by a song for women's freedom:           Wathint' abafazi,           wathint' imbokodo, uza kufa!           (When you strike the women, you strike a rock,           you will be crushed!) This 1956 rallying call from the Women’s March in South Africa reminds us of women’s political power. But in the debate for disarmament, where are all the women?
meeting between the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and civil society advocates
Christelle Barakat and Dilan Ezgi KoçYouth Champions for Disarmament

On 14 September 2020, the UN Youth Champions for Disarmament attended a meeting between the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and civil society advocates working on many of the same issues.

Virtual meeting screenshot
Dilan Ezgi Koç and Linh Trang PhungYouth Champions for Disarmament
After watching a UN ceremony commemorating the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, the UN Youth Champions for Disarmament had a valuable opportunity to learn from two UNODA staff members about the 21st-century challenges and implications of conventional weapons, including their relationship with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To start the discussion, Ms. Katherine Prizeman of UNODA’s Conventional Arms Branch talked about the use and risks of explosive weapons in populated areas. She also explained how the UN is responding to this issue under the Secretary-General's Agenda for Disarmament.
Screenshot of virtual meeting participants
Patrick Karekezi and Dilan Ezgi KoçYouth Champions for Disarmament

The UN Youth Champions for Disarmament recently had an opportunity to learn from two members of UNODA’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Branch. They reminded us that we can reshape the world if we work together to free it from nuclear, biological and chemical arms.

Screenshot of virtual meeting participants
Isa Begemann and Kirsten MoseyYouth Champions for Disarmament

On August 6, 2020, the world commemorated the 75th Hiroshima Day, remembering the victims of the atomic bombing of the city on August 6, 1945. To recognize the 75th anniversary, Hiroshima-ICAN Academy hosted the live webinar, “Path Forward for Nuclear Disarmament”.

Virtual Meeting of Youth Champions
Isa Begemann and Naomi EkpokiYouth Champions for Disarmament

It is not every day that one gets to talk to a retired Senior Political Affairs Officer at the UN who is also the main trumpet in the UN Symphony Orchestra! Therefore, we youth champions were looking forward to the fireside chat with Dr. Randy Rydell.

Virtual Meeting of Youth Champions
United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
Meeting virtually for the first time, the group tackled subjects ranging from new technologies and nuclear threat, to the urbanisation of conflict and the engagement of young people,  highlighted under “A New Era of Conflict and Violence”as part of the ongoing UN75 effort.

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