Meet Jorge Valderrábano, #Leader4Tomorrow

Jorge ValderrábanoJorge Valderrábano's Profile

Jorge Valderrábano (they) is a human rights activist specialized in peacebuilding that has been advocating for drug policy reform, LGBTI+ rights and young people’s rights during the last 7 years. Jorge is a graduate student of political economy at New York University, and holds B.A. degrees in international relations and social work.

In 2016, Jorge initiated Ágora México, an organization aiming to promote civic and political engagement among young people. Their activities include identifying social projects drafted by youth and directed to youth, in order to incubate them and improve their methodological design and their narrative discourse, bringing key stakeholders closer and ensuring that they are solving a social problem using the pillars of the youth, peace and security agenda.

Jorge is also the cofounder of Instituto RIA, a Mexican organization undertaking high-level research to design public policies based on social justice, mainly exploring topics related to drug policy and the non-proliferation of arms, explaining the relation between the illegal drug trafficking market and the illegal trafficking of weapons, promoting alternatives to punitive policies.

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